A more secure approach towards Software Development & Operations for Management and Delivery.

Providing Companies With Software Security Solutions

Nearly half of all Cyber-Attacks target small & medium-sized businesses. 43% of businesses have not yet implemented cybersecurity assessment plans.

Our goal is to professionally accompany the customer in digitization process, helping him to speed up his professional growth without compromising security threats. By paying particular attention to our client’s requests with the aim of creating a solution of the highest quality: this is an adventure that we can start together.

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Our Services

Take the first step towards securing your Software Applications. Our team of experts will walk you through all of the features and answer any questions you may have. 
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Program Management

Program Kick Off
Milestone Goal Planning
Program Management Consulting
Program Optimozation Review
Compilance and Governance Reporting

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DevSecOps Design & Automation

Analysis of the customer's DevOps process in order to integrate application security control gates through the Veracode platform into the development and testing team's support tools in the various steps.

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Training & Security Awareness

Analysis of actual cases that happened during project activity in order to do training campaigns with the purpose of improving awareness of safe code development.

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Integrations Plugin & API Support

Integration and customization of plug-ins, based on design policies, into the development, test, and release environment. Integration of APIs to support third-party services.

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Policy & Maturity Workshop

Conducting periodic WorkShops in order to raise awareness of safe code development best practices

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Penetration Testing

Performing automatic and manual penetration tests in order to find one or more vulnerabilities and show risk levels through periodic reports of the activities performed.

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